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Upstairs Downstairs Restaurant

A Taste of Something Exquisite

Client: Upstairs Downstairs Restaurant Date: October 18, 2012 Category: , View Project


Upstairs Downstairs Restaurant in the heart of Bahrain’s nightlife, Adliya, is one of the most iconic restaurants on the island. It is a premium high end restaurant frequently attended by Bahrain’s who’s who. The Restaurant often holds live entertainment every night ranging from Wine Night’s, Live Music Performances, to standup comedy acts, and famous international artists.

Due to the frequency of their activities, Upstairs Downstairs Restaurant required to be in touch with their customers on a daily basis, updating them about their latest activities and news. Traditional marketing seemed problematic as they could only dispatch a small number of updates to their customers in that way. We sat with the management at the restaurant and formulated a complete social media strategy for the restaurant and went straight to action.


Double the number of likes

In order to maximize the benefit to Upstairs Downstairs Restaurant we had to double the number of likes on their social media channels.

— How?

We created a complete social media marketing strategy that is aimed at engaging and promoting Upstairs Downstairs on different social networks, as well as covering the events organised by the restaurant to a very large audience in order to increase sales. We constantly created attractive artwork according to Upstairs Downstairs graphic guidelines to be used on social media and online competitions aimed at engaging users.

Reach a minimum  exposure of 300,000 views per month

In order to increase Upstairs Downstairs sales we wanted to reach the largest number of people. 

— How?

We re-branded the Facebook Page for Upstairs Downstairs and then created a new Instagram page, we did this to increase engagement. We then started pollinating new followers through engaging content such as competitions on the page, prizes and other methods. We also combined that with a monthly news letters that point to the different social media channels for Upstairs Downstairs Restaurant


To achieve the goals of the client Upstairs Downstairs Restaurant, we went through a process of planning and strategy. This included a detailed plan of the goals and objectives for the restaurant, the criteria for success (e.g. what are the objectives that would deem the project successful, this included doubling the number of likes and reach a minimum of 300,000 views per month). We sat with the client in a number of debriefing meetings where we discussed the overall challenges they were facing, what their ultimate proffered outcomes were, and what things we can do to help them achieve that. After that initial stage, we started implementing a complete social media and online advertising strategy that led to a 200% increase in engagement and the doubling of their social media likes on Facebook, as well as acquiring a very large number of Instagram fans that they never had before. We did not stop there, we also started promoting the restaurant on websites such as trip advisor, encouraging people to rate the restaurant and provide reviews. We also went ahead with creating a google business location to attract new visitors to the restaurant. All of this combined have led to an increase in the overall performance of the restaurant and the satisfaction of the top management.


Public Relation 100%
Graphic Design 95%
Social Media Marketing 94%

“Webcentric Advertising helped us above and beyond the call of duty through a wide range of web and social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Google maps and more. We now have above 7500 likes on our Facebook page and many of my clients praise on the quality of our online and social media pages. I would recommend Webcentric highly to any company wanting to stay in touch with their clients and increase their sales”

George Cherian, General Manager – Upstairs Downstairs Restaurant


With the help of effective social media and online advertising strategies, Upstairs Downstairs Restaurant was able to significantly increase the overall performance of the restaurant in terms of sales, and customer loyalty. Whereas they initially had to spend a fortune in order to communicate the large amount of news & updates to their clients, they are now able to stay in touch with growing numbers of fans everyday.

Upstairs Downstairs now communicates with literally thousands of current and potential clients every single day, in an engaging, social and effective way. Instead of hiring just one person to handle their online presence, they now have a whole team of social media and marketing professionals to handle the burden of marketing the business without the costs, time, and training associated with hiring internally.