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A Leading Marketing, Branding & Digital Advertising Company in Bahrain

We are craftsmen, we communicate honestly, we create innovatively, and we realize results.

Small Business

We fully understand the challenges associated with small business marketing, branding & online advertising. Therefore, our small business marketing services are centered on getting the most out of the limited resources on hand.

Small Business Services

Medium Business

Medium size businesses need to sustain their growth and re-assert their strengths. Their marketing & branding needs differ from those of smaller or larger organisations. We understand this and offer strong brand building marketing services.

Medium Business Services

Enterprise Business

At WCM Agency, we pride ourselves on our scale and diverse functionality to meet large business marketing & branding needs. We offer scalable and functional marketing services to meet the demands of large enterprise businesses.

Enterprise Business Services


A one of a kind agency with an emphasis on quality & craftsmanship.



We are a creative marketing & design agency with a unique approach to projects and with the main goal of bringing real value to our customers.

STEP 01: We at WCM believe that a goal without a plan is just a wish. That is why we start every project with a complete briefing which helps us in defining the projects objectives, goals and timeline.  We take this step to get to know you and what your brand truly represents.


PLAN 15%


STEP 02: Conducting deep research about your project & competitors. Drawing up creative concepts, genius ideas, and a strong direction that will help launch your brand forward.



STEP 03: Development of sketches, designs, color palettes, and concepts. This includes initial designs plus some brand mock ups.



STEP 04: Presenting the initial ideas and concepts to the client, which includes everything about our suggested brand position, brand name, brand story, direction, in addition to the new designs. Typically, we present clients with two directions/concepts to choose from.



STEP 05: Based on the previous discussion & agreement with the client, the team develops the whole brand based on the new concept.



STEP 06: Handover of all material and launch of the project. This is always a fun and exciting experience!



  • " WCM has done a great job for our business in terms of market exposure and publicity. Catchy and creative ads and posters have attracted many new faces to our guest list. I really appreciate the updates on new technology and ideas they pass on to us. Keep up the good work."

  • "The work WCM Agency produced impressed me on multiple levels. I have  been very happy with them and they have done a great job. They were fast and always helpful with our needs. Very professional and dedicated!"

    Amal Janahi, TAKATOF

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Who we are


WCM Agency is a new kind of marketing agency that combines an innate understanding of Social Media Marketing with Digital Advertising, Marketing Strategies, Design, Branding, Web Management and marketing & online advertising skills. We are entirely focused on innovative, creative and effective Social Media Marketing and communications and we like to think we are rather good at it.


What we do


At WCM Agency we work with large organisations, struggling to attract new customers. We help our clients increase their exposure using Social Media marketing & online advertising platforms based on effective marketing strategy we provide so that they can earn more and spend less.

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